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Our Mission

To develop sport skills by maximizing participation and focusing on instruction. To develop the positive values of athletics, including sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and competition. To provide as many students as possible the opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy. To bring together the community of perris and secure our city bond.


Our Vision 

We endeavor to become the leading voice at the intersection of athletics and academics. We hope to use this voice to unite, challenge, and inspire the next generation of leaders to improve the lives of athletes and to act as stewards of the best practices in the sports industry as a whole

Every academic discipline can be applied to sports and every discipline can benefit from
application to sports. OTF will educate and prepare the next generation of youth as well as offer
additional training and certification programs to those interested. The Center will also seek to
educate the public and enhance their understanding and appreciation of sport’s importance in

Our Values

  1. Creative Collaboration: We will seek connections across disciplines and will continually work together to seek out new and creative ways to solve the issues and challenges that the youth may face in the community of perris.

  2. Responsibility: We will never forget our responsibility to care for athletes and improve their physical and emotional well-being.

  3. Open Dialogue: We will be a forum the free exchange of ideas so that all have the voice to propose solutions to problems facing in sports and society at large.

  4. Empowerment: We will work with the community youth athletes and give them the tools and skills necessary to improve the lives of others.

  5. Passion: We will approach our work with the same passion that youth have for achieving their goals



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